3 Common Septic System Problems Near Albion

ball septic 3 Common Septic System Problems Near Albion

Keeping up on your septic system’s upkeep is incredibly important. However, even if you’re good about pumping and maintaining your system, it can still develop issues. Knowing some common septic system problems will help you identify an issue if it arises and be prepared. 


Tank overflow is, unfortunately, a common issue with septic systems. However, it will most likely only happen if you don’t pump the tank on a consistent schedule. If you notice that your lawn is looking exceptionally green in one area, this could be a sign that the tank is overflowing. 

Clogged Drainfield 

Sometimes, the drainfield that your septic system drains into can become clogged. When this happens, the tank won’t be able to properly break down solid waste. A septic expert can check the field and ensure that it’s not blocked. 

Root Intrusion

Since your septic tank is underground, it is susceptible to all kinds of issues. One of the most common septic system problems is root intrusion, which happens when tree roots damage the tank. Proper care of your root system should prevent this from happening and keep your tank in good condition. 

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